I’ve decided to start a new blog, I tried once before but fell behind as work generally took up most of the time I would have liked to devote to writing.   This time around I am going to make more of a concerted effort to publish at least one decent article a week.

Most of my content will probably be related to Wireless Networking as it is the field that I work in day to day and have most familiarity with.   I will also be focusing on how I work in the niche market that is the events industry – I build some very large networks which only exist for a few days at a time.   It’s a stressful and frantic job at times but I love it as I am lucky to be able to often experiment and run with the latest and greatest technologies and ideas to simply “make things work”.

Anyway, I hope people find this a useful resource and also that I will get to learn a lot from writing the posts here.

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