Extricom MS Wireless Switch Cacti Templates

Over the last few days I’ve been working with some Extricom WLAN gear on a show out in America.

As part of using this equipment I wanted to get some historical stats from it using Cacti to probe the device for some stats and draw me some pretty graphs.   It seems nobody has really done this before and made the templates publicly available so I thought I’d contribute something back to the community and release mine – these are fairly simple and just graph the overall client count per wireless switch and the clients per radio (we were only really interested in these stats) but hopefully they will be of use to someone.

These graphs were built using Cacti 0.8.8a and should automagically import themselves.

Sample Graphs:



Download the host / graph templates from here > Extricom-Cacti-Templates

If anybody out there uses these or improves on them please drop me an email to let me know, I’d have liked to graph per-SSID stats but unfortunately didn’t really have time to script that query!

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