Cisco 8.0 HD WLAN Features

Cisco publicly released the much anticipated 8.0 code release for their Wireless LAN Controllers a few days ago.

This is a major point release and brings with it some interesting feature enhancements and new options targeted specifically at high-density wireless networks.

Release notes for are available here.

Since 7.4 Cisco have been adding some handy tools to make optimising high-density networks much easier, some of these have been available for a while via hidden CLI commands but are now available publicly and via the WLC GUI.   These headline features available to engineers are:

  • RX-SOP (7.2 via hidden CLI, 7.4 public CLI, 8.0 GUI)
  • Low RSSI Check (7.5 GUI)
  • Cisco Optimised Roaming (8.0 GUI)

The good folks over at the No Strings Attached Show have done a nice write up on RX-SOP (here – pdf) and there was a pretty decent presentation from Cisco at WFD7.

Mike Albano (@mike_albano) has also done a great guest blog over at Revoltuion WiFi covering the three features mentioned above.

I had been working on a similar post to the ones above, so rather than rehash the excellent work by those guys I will update this post in a few days with some real-world uses of these features and go over what I’ve found works, what doesn’t work and what to watch out for when configuring these settings.



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