About Me

My name is William Jones, I am a freelance wireless consultant based in the UK and I work worldwide for a broad variety of clients ranging from major corporations and telcos to small business with unique and often challenging requirements.

My main area of expertise is designing and implanting large scale, high-density wireless networks for temporary events such as trade shows and conferences, or architecting solutions for permanent installation into a large public venue.

I can often be found behind the scenes working on providing WiFi at some of the largest and highest profile public events around the world.

I have over 12 years experience working with wireless networks and have hands on experience working with a broad variety of solutions from most of the major vendors out there (and some of the more esoteric ones too).

Whilst my main area of work tends to be on events I am available for more traditional contract work.   If you would be interested in working with me please get in touch to discuss your needs.

This site is mainly aimed at sharing my thoughts, insights and some technical knowledge that I think could benefit others working in the industry.   I always try and stay impartial and generally maintain a vendor agnostic stance, good kit helps but at the end of the day a good engineer counts for more in my experience.

Above all of this I am a WiFi fanatic, I am hugely privileged being able to work in an industry that fascinates me and with a technology that I have a true passion for.